Hay Research Grant Program

In accordance with our mission, ANFA’s Hay Grant Research Program is designed to encourage neuroscience-architecture cross-disciplinary research that contributes to a body of knowledge informing building design incorporating principles derived from neuroscience research.

Research Grant Categories

Grant(s) will be funded as scheduled in one or both of the following categories:

Feasibility Studies — to test and determine the worth for further investment of funds and time of well-developed, evidence-based preliminary neuroscience / architecture hypotheses. It is expected that such feasibility studies, if successful, will serve as the basis of future proposals submitted to other funding organizations.

Pilot Studies — to test research design, methods, and analysis plans of a well-defined, evidence-based neuroscience / architecture problem. It is expected that the results of such studies will serve as support for, and be included in, future full-blown studies.

Grant Duration and Funding Amount

Each grant will last for a maximum of one year. The maximum annual grant funding each year will be $50,000 for one or two research projects. Decisions related to the funding amount (up to $50,000) and number of grants awarded each year will be at the discretion of ANFA’s Grant Committee.