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Conference Save the date! ANFA 20th Anniversary Conference Sep 13, 2023 Learn More
Symposium Designing Atmospheres: Theory and Science Mar 28, 2023 Event Website Learn More
Symposium Neurophenomenology & Sacred Architecture Mar 23, 2023 Event Website Learn More
Book Release Davide Ruzzon - Tuning Architecture with Humans Learn More
Meeting The Invisibility of Architecture Jan 25, 2023 Learn More
Lecture On Creative Imagination in Architecture Dec 17, 2022 Event Website Learn More
Lecture UCL x ANFA - Architecture and Mind Dec 14, 2022 Learn More
Lecture UCL x ANFA - Architecture and Mind Nov 29, 2022 Learn More

ANFA Bootcamp

Design, Space, Motion

The focus of the Bootcamp was on how to improve human-centered design by incorporating information about human perception and orienting behavior, including the themes of (1) dimensionality and proportion, (2) motion and navigation, (3) embodied and enactive experience.

The Bootcamp program received the following credits from AIA: 6 Learning Units (LU) and 7.5 LU/ Health, Safety, Welfare units(HSW).

2021 symposium

Quantified Buildings, Quantified Self

The ANFA Symposium explored how big data about people's activities in buildings offers a more empirical understanding of human-building interaction, promising better architectural design decisions (Viewable only by Members).

2020 conference

Sensing Space, Perceiving Places

2018 conference

Shared Behavior Outcomes

2016 conference

Connections: BridgeSynapses

2014 conference

Empathy, Learning, New Technology

Interface Lectures

A series of discussions about emerging research at the intersection of Neuroscience and Architecture