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ACE - ANFA's Center for Education - is a forum for architects and scientists to come together to listen to short lectures / position papers and freely discuss neuroscience for architecture (NfA) topics in a safe atmosphere. We aim to connect people and institutions worldwide that are engaged in research, teaching, and practice, fostering the exchange of ideas and implementing lessons learned. We are especially interested in creating a network of NfA educators worldwide who will develop shareable lectures, exercises and projects - a network that can stimulate interest in cognitive and neuroscience for architecture in architectural firms and university departments.


ACE Quarterly Presentations

The ACE Quarterly Presentations are open to everyone to attend remotely, and free of charge.

  • We continue the ACE Distinguished Speaker Lectures, inviting many of ANFA’s pioneers who will present their 20-year experience at the nexus of neuroscience and architecture.
  • The new 90 minute format invites 1 or 2 speakers to present, followed by an expert respondent and then attendee questions and answers.

Events coming soon...

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We welcome individuals interested in respectful and scholarly discussion of the ANFA’s activites, and the value of bringing together the disciplines of neuroscience and architecture. We recognize that a much broader scope of interest is also of value when we consider the impact of places on people and the planet.

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The ACE Quarterly Presentations are open to everyone to attend remotely, and free of charge.

ACE Membership:
Our long standing ACE Quarterly meetings continue free of charge and do not require ACE or ANFA membership to attend. We are developing several benefits for ACE members.  By becoming an ACE member, you may be invited to suggest or advise us on new programs, guest speakers, important topics or special events.

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