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Mission statement

INPAD Mexico (Institute of Neuroscience for Architecture and Design in Mexico) brings together a group of architects, designers, psychologists, and neuroscientists who investigate the connection between Architecture and Design with Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology.

The mission of INPAD is to disseminate and contribute to the concepts of human sciences related to the built environment. to better understand its impact in health, behavior, and overall development through evidence based criteria. This connection allows architects and designers to be informed about research methodologies and scientific data to strengthen decision-making through assertive and creative options for the solution of their designs. INPAD aims to connect designers, researchers, policy makers and the general audiences as well, providing a base of knowledge that serves each one of them. We believe in the power of good design to transform communities and organizations, and we advocate for the need to be informed by research, and committed by empathy.

INPAD Mexico is a non-profit institution and belongs to a Latin American network of Research Institutes between Neuroscience and Architecture. INPAD Mexico is part of the ANFA - Academy of Neuroscience For Architecture based at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, USA.

Chapter Leadership

Karina Lozano

Aesthetics, Embodied and Enact...
Monterrey | Mexico

Luis Othon Villegas-Solis

Vice Chair
Aesthetics, Embodied and Enact...
Guadalajara | Mexico

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