Wed, Dec 14, 2022, 6 PM - 8 PM GMT Fiona Zisch - UCL

Lecture : UCL x ANFA - Grand Challenge - Health

Grand Challenge - Health
 Wed, Dec 14, 2022, 6 PM - 8 PM GMT   Fiona Zisch - UCL
UK Chapter
In the second session, panellists will focus on the global challenge of ‘Health’. Following a set of ‘lightning talk’ presentations, the panel will discuss how the intersection of architecture and neuroscience can contribute to considering – and designing – healthier spaces. The audience will be able to join the conversation and pose questions for discussion.

The panel was not intended for AIA credit.

Moderators: Hugo Spiers and Fiona Zisch
Panellists: Sean Hanna, Alan Penn, Kate Jeffery, Stephen Gage, Grant Mills, Anna Stroe


Kate Jeffery is Head of the School of Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow and Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL. She is interested in how sensory information is assembled by the brain into more complex, cognitive representations of the world. Her focus is on the “cognitive map,” which is formed by the hippocampus and associated structures and underlies our sense of direction and sense of place.
Stephen Gage is Professor of Innovative Technology at The Bartlett School of Architecture. He has expertise in healthcare architecture and is interested in the way that the technology of building relates to the external environment, as well as the time-based aspects of architecture that relate to human occupation and building use, taking forward an early interest in cybernetics.
Grant Mills is Professor of Healthcare Infrastructure Delivery at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, UCL. He is specialised in the design and delivery of healthcare infrastructure facilities. Specifically, the evidence that supports the scale, scope and distribution of healthcare buildings (e.g. how they are therapeutically designed and engineered to be adaptable).
Anna Stroe is a cognitive scientist and artist, currently undertaking a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Clinical Neuroscience Centre. Her PhD research focuses on “Diagnostics and rehabilitation after stroke in enriched XR+ML environments”.