Eve Edelstein

M.Sc., M.Arch., Ph.D(Neuroscience), EDAC, Associate AIA, F-AAA

, United States

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Pratt Institute, Co-Founder, Clinicians for Design, Scientific Advisor, Tuned | Lombardini 22

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Board of Directors
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As one of ANFA's pioneers, I developed and delivered ANFA professional workshops and my professional and executive workshops and courses include Clinicians for Design, Building Blocks for Clinicians, at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Imperial College London. I developed and taught Neuroscience for Architecture curriculum with NewSchool of Architecture & Design and the Salk Institute, the University of California, San Diego, and contributed to the Intensive Courses at NSAD. I also developed and taught neuro-architecture programs and courses mentored Ph.D., M.Arch., B.Arch. Landscape, and Real Estate courses.

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Clinicians for Design

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