The mission of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture is to promote and advance knowledge that links neuroscience research to a growing understanding of human responses to the built environment. The Academy benefits from the expanding body of research that has evolved within the neuroscience community in the last two decades, and the promise of even more in the coming century. Some observers have characterized what is happening in neuroscience as the most exciting frontier of human knowledge since the Renaissance. All humanity stands to benefit from this research in countless ways still to be determined. The profession of architecture has become a partner in developing the application of this knowledge base in order to increase its ability to be of service to society.

To further this mission, ANFA holds numerous events, some of which include:
  • Biennial international conference
  • Topic-specific workshops and seminars
  • Interface lecture program

We currently have the following sub-committees:

  • Education - Sergei Gepshtein, Claire Gallagher, Eduardo Macagno: works with schools offering courses in Neuroscience and Architecture, and accreditation boards
  • Events - Laura Wolszon, Alison Whitelaw, Betsey Dougherty, Ramesh Rao: organizes conferences, workshops, lectures, and other public events
  • Fundraising - Ken, Steve, Tom Albright: identifies possible donors, sponsors and research funding agencies
  • Outreach - Fred Kornberg, Alan Penn, Alison Whitelaw, Eve Edelstein: grows ANFA through recruiting new scientists, architects, students and corporate partners
  • Publications - Sergei Gepshtein, Satchin Panda, Matthew Smith: provides content for the ANFA newsletter and other communications; compiles information to post on the website
  • Research - Sergei Gepshtein, Tom Albright, Upali Nanda: oversees research working groups and the production of research content for the web; administers the Hay Grant and Eberhart Fellowships
  • Web development - David Kirsh, Sergei Gepshtein: oversees the design, implementation, content and maintenance of ANFA's website
  • Communications - Kurt Hunker, Fred Gage:overseeing the blog on the website, newsletter to ANFA members, announcements