Fri, Jun 23, 2023, 10 AM - 12:45 PM PDT ANFA Center for Education (ACE)

Meeting : Putting the N back in ANFA

ACE Meeting 10
 Fri, Jun 23, 2023, 10 AM - 12:45 PM PDT   ANFA Center for Education (ACE)

About The Meeting

ANFA, the Academy of Neuroscience For Architecture, has broadened its concern with the implications of the human sciences for architecture to embrace cognitive science, ecology, physiology, behavioral studies, sensors, organizational behavior, engineering, and even epidemiology. There is much to be learned from integrating some or all of these approaches, but too often recent contributions have forgotten to factor neuroscience data back into the mix. This meeting of ACE is designed to showcase the relevance of neuroscience to architecture through three presentations by brilliant young researchers Andréa de Paiva, Zakaria Djebbara, and Fiona Zisch. 

Their talks will be followed by a far-ranging panel discussion moderated by Michael Arbib. It will debate the extent to which architects need to know about the brain, how they can be kept aware of relevant findings, and the possible need for a specialized profession of people who can bridge between architects and scientists.


  • 10:00 PDT Welcome by ACE Founder and Host, Tatiana A. Berger Opening Notes and Michael Arbib Introduction 
  • 10:15 - 10:35 Andréa de Paiva Enriched Environments, Brain Plasticity and Spatial Design 
  • 10:35-10:45 Q&A 
  • 10:45 - 11:05 Zakaria Djebbara Expecting Space: A Neuroscientific Study of Architectural Transitions 
  • 11:05 - 11:15 Q&A
  • 11:15 - 11:25 BREAK
  • 11:25 - 11:45 Fiona Zisch Understanding Spatial Experience and Aesthetics 
  • 11:45 - 11:55 Q&A
  • 11:55 - 12:25 Michael Arbib (Moderator) Panel: Neuroscience in Life-long Learning for Architects Ÿ 
  • 12:25 - 12:45 Discussion (all)
  • 12:45 END


Host: Tatiana Berger - Architect, Consultant, Educator, Founder of ACE, ANFA Advisory Council Member, San Diego, CA
Co-host: Filo Russo - Architect, Researcher, Doctoral Candidate, Educator, University of Cambridge, UK
Guest Chair: Michael Arbib - Computational Neuroscientist, Author of "When brains meet buildings: A conversation between Neuroscience and Architecture"
Presenters (See their abstracts):
  • Andréa de Paiva - Architecture,  Urban Planner, Educator, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Zakaria Djebbara - Ph.D. in Architecture and Cognitive Neuroscience, Postdoctoral Research Aalborg Univerity, Denmark 
  • Fiona Zisch - Ph.D. in Architecture and Behavioural Neuroscience, MArch ProgramMe Director, UCL, Chair UK ANFA Chapter, London, UK
Panel Discussion: Michael Arbib, Andréa de Paiva, Zakaria Djebbara, Fiona Zisch

For program details and speaker bios, click HERE

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